Where’s Your Head At

Would you agree that what you think affects how you behave? And how you behave affects your actions and therefore the results you get? This is important. How are your leaders thinking and feeling? Where’s their head at? It can be a lonely place in leadership and management, especially with working from home and hybrid working. Leaders and managers can sense a loss of power, feel overwhelmed, de-skilled, unsure of team alliance and direction. Those feelings are normal. And no one need be alone. We can help. We are leaders too. Facilitated by an experienced Leadership Coach working with professional actors, ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ is a transformational leadership programme. Drama with forum theatre and the value of coaching brings together the experiential and the practical through reflective practice and discussion. Let us help them change their own minds!
“This is such a great program and incredibly fitting for the challenges leaders face today. The two days are such a valuable experience. I can’t wait to be a part of this!” – Karishma , Associate Coach