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The Curve®

Award winning, intuitive software that not only measures the effectiveness of your coach, it also helps you map and track your progress.

The Curve® supports your coaching journey by helping you to create an exciting plan for the next 12 months. Accessible at any time on any device, it helps you to record your progress, maintain a log of all your learning in one place and achieve your goals and desired outcomes for your best ever year.

Do you need to log CPD hours?


Maps and tracks your progress


Demonstrates ROI


Records CPD


Keeps you aligned to your vision, values and goals


Works for individuals, teams and cohorts of individuals

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the curve®

We are the only coaches that use award winning technology to ensure full transparency of your coaching

The Curve®

Does more than any platform to help you to achieve your desired outcomes from coaching

Not only does the platform significantly improve your performance today, it is also measuring mindset change and goals over a period of time, clearly demonstrating the improvements you are embedding.

What this means is; not only will you be able to show your progress with the use of helpful charts and graphs but you will also be able to see the ROI from your coaching.

The Curve® gives visible indicators and shows you the progress you have made at every stage, including logging CPD hours.

For teams; “this is the most powerful programme available”.

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The Curve® wins innovation award

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For Clients

The only coaching software to show you the ROI.

For Coaches

Help map and track clients progress accurately.
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