Team Compatibility Programme - The Magic of Good Team Selection

Imagine you can actually predict which teams will communicate and work well together before they even begin.

The New Level Results (NLR) Team Compatibility programme puts the science into building top performing teams within your organisation.

In our experience people don't leave organisations, they leave teams or managers where they feel suppressed, frustrated and stressed, because they don't feel they can work with the people around them. They feel like a round peg in a square hole.

NLR software predicts where people are more likely to flourish, stay and make a valuable contribution.

No other software programme operates at this level, enabling HR Leaders, Division heads and Business Owners to:

  • Identify who works best together
  • Predict the compatibility 'fit' of a new hire
  • Optimise overall performance
  • Overcome dysfunctional behaviour
  • Understand the real impact of a leaver on the team
  • Protect and nurture your top talent
  • Reduce the stress caused by incompatibility in teams
  • Understand what holds the team back
  • Take employee engagement to a whole new level
  • Attract, recruit and retain the very best people
  • Support a coaching culture

We believe everyone can make a valuable contribution to the organisation when they are placed in an environment and a team where they can thrive and reach their full potential.

Our software enables you to match and pair individuals in your team who compliment each other's inner strengths and vulnerabilities. It helps you to identify groups who will collaborate in a way that takes productivity, performance and morale to a whole new level. It identifies those who have matching compatibility which enables them to synergise quicker and become part of an unstoppable, top performing team.

Our online system is easy for everyone to use and intuitive.

For a free demo and online assessment contact one of our team today.

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