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The primary asset of your company lies in the effectiveness, morale and productivity of the team or teams who are working towards a common set of goals and objectives. Imagine competing against a team that is working together as one cohesive unit, trusts each other, is totally aligned and is held fully accountable. When you become this team, you will win every time.

Our high-performance coaches work with:

Corporates & Large Organisations

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Small & Medium Businesses

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Corporates & Large Organisations

We work with you, designing and delivering executive team coaching and mentoring programmes that are specifically tailored to the challenges of leading and managing global, diverse and dynamic teams across a broad spectrum of industries. All our team programmes provide a powerful combination of working with a professional results focused Team Coach and Mentor for 1 to 3 years, using trusted and proven methodologies that generate results time after time. Whether you are Head of Human Resources, Training and Development, an Executive Officer or on the Senior Leadership team, we work alongside you to ensure the team wins, specialising in working with teams in any setting in order to help you:

  • Build aligned and accountable teams.
  • Create a new performance culture in your team.
  • Increase sales, productivity and profitability.
  • Take empowerment and engagement to a whole new level.
  • Optimise team performance across the board.
  • Build highly compatible teams who deliver breakthrough results.
It’s no exaggeration to say that the appointment of New Level Results to steer us through the process has been the most profound catalyst for change that this business has ever experienced.  With a diverse range of characters and our fair share of modern management method cynics in the top table team, it’s been our Coach’s totally grounded, commercial and pragmatic approach allied to his extremely perceptive and intuitive intelligence about people that has addressed the cynism and forced us all to take a profound look at the fundamental ways in which we operate our business.
Andrew’s interventions are always well timed and targeted, never afraid at that same time, to confront issues that need to be addressed head on, but the real magic lies in the subtle transference of responsibility for the process over time from himself to the team he is coaching, leaving us all with a sense that we have been properly empowered to take the business to another level.  I would recommend New Level Results without hesitation.
ADAM WELLS, Managing Director, Belazu Ingredient Company

We are the only leadership development and executive team coaching organisation in the world that uses the most sophisticated yet easy to use interactive management tracking software available, so the team's performance is transparent and visible to all team members. You will be able to evidence the return on your investment and the development of your people every step of the way.

If one of your challenges is to build new teams, optimise project teams, or understand some of the psychological barriers to getting existing teams to align, increase productivity and transform their results then our Team Compatibility Programme is the perfect fit for you. Click here to find out more.

We work with

  • Board members
  • Leadership teams
  • Strategically important teams
  • Project teams
  • Brand teams
  • Change teams
  • Sales teams
  • Finance teams
  • Legal teams
  • Talent teams
  • Expedition teams

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Coaching Teams:

In any undertaking, with any team, in any industry, we provide world class coaching solutions.

We create a sense of alignment and direction and build accountability. We are your navigator through stormy seas; your mediator when opinions differ; your strength when going the extra mile and your role model when strong leadership is called for. When you are looking for a specific return on investment, you can have complete confidence, because we map, track and measure every step of our journey together, whether you are looking for a new level of performance; building new teams; breaking into new markets; creating a lasting legacy; delivering huge goals; we've EVEN supported teams climb Mount Everest and row across the Pacific Ocean!

Team Compatibility

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Small & Medium Sized Businesses

As fellow business owners and entrepreneurs we understand the challenges of running a business while needing to motivate and inspire your team and make a profit. Whatever lifecycle your business is in right now our executive team coaching and leadership development programmes are designed to help ambitious business owners free up time to take your business and your team to a whole new level. We work with you, designing and delivering business coaching and mentoring programmes that are specifically tailored to meet your needs and goals.

This is a very exciting time for our business.  We are working closely with our New Level Results coach and the online coaching programme to track our performance.  This includes the many challenges of project managing the move over to the new site, implementation of new accounting software and the development of a great team of people to cope with change and growth at the same time.
Working with our Coach gives us confidence that we are making the right decisions and taking the time to work on our business as well as the many hours spent working in the business.
Nick West, Managing Director, Sterlingbuild Ltd

All our team programmes include mapping and tracking software so you know what progress you are making every month. This makes for a powerful combination of working with an experienced results focused Business Coach for up to 12 months, using trusted and proven methodologies that generates results time after time. Our philosophy is to stay with you all the way to ensure the team wins.

We specialise in working with teams in any setting in order to help you:

  • Grow your business
  • Enhance morale and productivity
  • Help you with succession planning
  • Support you with Business Planning and access to other specialist areas of support (such as Finance, Exporting and Grants)
  • Help you map and track your team's performance.

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New Level Results Coach the Pacific Ocean Rowing Team.

Team Values


It's almost 5 years ago that 4 amazing women, known as The Coxless Crew, set out from San Francisco in a tiny 29 foot rowing boat they named Doris, with one insatiable goal in mind. To conquer the Pacific Ocean and row the 8446 miles to Cairns in Australia via Hawaii and Samoa, setting several new World Records and raising money for Charity.

An objective like this, which some called an impossible dream, could not be undertaken without years of meticulous planning in every aspect from fundraising, logistics, technology, mindset, teamwork, training etc. To do so required putting together a phenomenal team involving literally hundreds of volunteer helpers and supporters around the World.

As the only coaching organisation with a reputation for disrupting the coaching market, the girls naturally turned to New Level Results for a coaching solution that would help them to overcome their own individual fears, align as a team behind one clear vision and set of values and create a well thought through (fool-proof) plan. And then to be able to map and track their progress every step of the way, both on land beforehand, at sea and afterwards on their ability to tell their inspirational story to the World.

They say it’s easier to row the Pacific Ocean (nearly one third the size of the planet and deeper than the height of Mount Everest) on your own, than in a team. Why? Because on your own you only have your own mind to deal with. With others you also have to cope with their vulnerabilities – their personal high and low points. Teamwork takes on a whole new meaning when it becomes a life or death situation, and when facing 50 foot waves there were many highly dangerous and extremely challenging situations to overcome.

The unique and powerful Coaching methodology we use ensured the girls were prepared for any eventuality, living to a set of formidable values and goals they conquered the Pacific Ocean, row by row, with the mantra ‘Control the Controllable’ and ‘Eat, Sleep, Row, Repeat’.

At the time, the girls wrote:

“New Level Results helped us set out our objectives, our top 10 goals and prioritise what needed to be done. It was just what we needed to keep all our admin together in one tidy and effective package.

We also needed an online system that would not take up too much of our time and would help us all focus on the job at hand and keep us all on track. It made each of us accountable for championing certain areas, getting results and measuring our overall return on investment!

The other great thing about the Coaching programme is that we have an external coach/facilitator work with us. He is objective, there is no personal tie to the project and he can offer a unique professional perspective.

The combination of these three aspects – the coaching methodology, an online coaching programme and a great coach was the glue that kept us focused as a team and successfully set two new World Records as a result.”

In our experience, every ambitious team and organisation will have its own Pacific Ocean to cross in 2020. Don’t leave the journey ahead to chance. Select the right Executive or Business Coach, a proven methodology and an award winning coaching software tracking system wisely. If you are looking for record breaking results, you need all three and that we know we can help you with.



The team

Laura Penhaul

Lead Row


Day Job:
Lead Physiotherapist Paralympic Athletics

Emma Mitchell


Day Job:
Schools Expedition Manager

Natalia Cohen


Day Job:
Travel & Operations Manager

Isabel Burnham

Lead Row


Day Job:
Soliciter specialising in Intellectual property Ligitation

The Plan

The last review plan before setting off

The row plan

The Boat

29 ft long and 7 ft wide, made mainly of Carbon Fibre and is pink! Her name is Doris.

This is why they are rowing

Coxless Crew - What Resilience means to us from Coxless Crew on Vimeo.

From the Coxless Crew Blog

Mon, 27 Jun 2016 09:11:13 +0000: A team unites!! - Coxless Crew x Just a quick thank you x Well....what can we say... An amazing day surrounded by wonderful people, great energy,...

Thu, 26 May 2016 18:46:19 +0000: Another week of fundraising goes by for Coxless Crew... - Coxless Crew

Its been a busy week for all of us since Laura's blog about our trip to the Palace. Last week...

Sun, 22 May 2016 19:43:29 +0000: Buckingham Palace and our EVENT! - Coxless Crew It's been a whirlwind of a week that I know not many can say, started with an invite to Buckingham...

Tue, 10 May 2016 10:16:44 +0000: Event date, update and winner of competition! - Coxless Crew

What a beautiful week. It was so good to see the sun shining and as much as we thought we...

Thu, 05 May 2016 19:51:20 +0000: Update on the week and COMPETITION information! - Coxless Crew
Time continues to fly by, and I can't believe it's May already! I went back and read the blog post...

Press Coverage

We were back on BBC The One Show 2 weeks ago linking in live via satellite phone and Izz, Meg and our family and friends were in the Studio!

We released our trailer documentary Losing Sight Of Shore several weeks ago. Directed and produced by Sarah Moshman.

Photo Updates

Our last review meeting in the UK, before setting off to meet Doris in San Fransisco. Held at the offices of cancer care, we reviewed the plan that got us to the start line. Lots of lessons along the way! We then worked together to produce a new best year yet plan to support the team to row across the Pacific Ocean. A great day and an amazing plan

Doris is tiny!

Crew pointing to our logo

Group Photo

Natalia joining a group of our newest coaches to talk about the Coxless experience of working with NLR and the challenges the crew have faced and need to face.

NLR Logo proudly on Doris

This is on the roof so that when they lay down to sleep, its what they see. The Plan!

Stop for a final photo shoot, before rowing under the Golden Gate Bridge and out on to the Pacific Ocean.


Thanks Andrew for all your support through NLR, it honestly is such a huge help. I really want to incorporate the structure and benefit we've gained from it, in our presentations. I'll certainly be using it in all of mine post row & any relevant beforehand.
I am really happy, I suddenly feel more relaxed about everything this last week, the team are working really well together, everyone's on the same page & we're achieving what we set out to. It's a great feeling :). xx
Laura Penhaul, Lead Row
NLR has been the perfect support model for the Coxless Crew. There are so many moving parts to setting up and managing the project, that NLR has provided a clear framework for us to work to. It's enabled us to identify what the real priorities are & has helped us to be more organised in our preparations so that not everything ends up being a reactive 'urgent' to do.
Also as a team, it's really helped to allocate our roles within the team and make us accountable for our responsibilities.
The layout and review structure of the Beat Year Yet programme is simple to use and is a great way to aid communication within the team. We would highly recommend New Level Results coaching and I myself have tried to get it employed in my work environment also.
Laura Penhaul, Lead Row

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