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We are looking for top quality coaches to join our community!

New Level Results has created a community of coaches, who see the significant advantages of being part of something bigger than themselves. Coaches love what we have created, it differentiates them from other coaches. We are fully online, which means, we can continue to do what we do best, coach, anywhere in the world. We are winning significant levels of business for our coaches, however, you are also given a platform that helps you stand out from the crowd, win new business for your self and build a sustainable coaching practice, supported by a hugely respected brand like New Level Results.

Join us if:

  • You have your own coaching practice but can sometimes find it hard to attract new clients or retain existing ones
  • You can positively represent New Level Results when working with our clients
  • You want to bring something new and innovative to your own clients
  • Have meaningful online coaching sessions with your clients, by utilising a coaching platform designed to get amazing results
  • You can see the competitive advantage of having a system that maps and tracks the coaching intervention and demonstrates a return on investment (ROI)

You also want to feel part of something bigger and benefit, amongst other things, from expert coaching supervision and the sharing of best practice.

We fully train all our team in our methodology and online platform – once completed we issue a licence that includes:

  • Regular personal development training sessions and sharing best practice
  • Being part of a dynamic and growing brand
  • Being part of a team of coaches we access, to provide coaching opportunities too
  • Access to a comprehensive resource centre
  • Coaching supervision
  • The ability to move your coaching practice to team, business and corporate coaching
  • Opportunity to use our CPD accreditation to log hours with your clients
  • Becoming a share holder in New Level Results **

Our offer to join us is strictly for people who have a coaching qualification and/or significant coaching and facilitation experience.

We are the only coaching organisation in the UK with a proven online tracking system, that demonstrates a Return On Investment (ROI), crucial in these tough financial times and those to come. We have a highly successful methodology, we have the programmes, the training, the experience and the results all built into our Award-winning coaching platform.

Apply here to join our 'introduction to New Level Results' webinar and find out if this is for you

New Level Results is disrupting the way coaching is delivered.

We have a proven methodology which is changing lives for individuals, is performance enhancing for teams and has significant impact when scaling up businesses.

As an added recognition of our work, we used our methodology to coach four ladies who rowed the Pacific Ocean and set 2 new world records.

We have worked with over 200 companies and over 2,000 people. We are the only coaching business that proves ROI for clients and in addition, we have won innovation awards and been given exemplar status by the National Scale Up Institute.

We now need coaches to share in our success.

See how our award winning software can help you and your clients

We have every aspect of coaching covered and the expert coaches to support you

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