'Scale Up' Business Coach Vacancies

Are you a talented and driven coach with the experience and a desire to work with business owners and SME’s?

We are looking for a number of qualified coaches who are driven and inspired by the opportunity to support local businesses grow and in turn supporting the local economy to thrive and prosper.

We currently have opportunities for the successful applicants to work with companies in the Kent area using our proven coaching model, becoming part of a pioneering community of coaches who will receive full training, supervision and support from the New Level Results coaching team.

Position: This is a self-employed position, that will require an upfront investment in your own training and licensing, but with a ready-made starting income stream.

New Level Results has a winning formula in the corporate and business coaching market and it's the primary reason for the success of all the executive coaches, business coaches and team coaches who operate under our brand. This success extends to working with teams as well as individuals. Very few people train to work as a team coach, because they don't have the coaching experience, credentials or products and therefore they don't have the credibility or confidence in their proposition.

New Level Results coaches have all of the above and that is why we want to help other ambitious, caring and professional coaches by joining us as a partner and leveraging the many opportunities we have created by working with teams and individuals. Our journey to a successful coaching practice, winning clients we love working with, happened because of an astonishing breakthrough - we created a results based coaching tracking system that clients love because it answers their primary question every time they engage with a Coach - "what return on investment will we get from this coaching?"

Having run my coaching and consultancy business for five years, it was becoming more and more apparent that my availability was my only limiting factor. I importantly wanted to maintain the balance I had worked hard to achieve, but also see my business grow both in terms of turnover as well as reach. There's only so many hours in a day, right? Plus running a business can be a lonely existence. Partnering with New Level Results has made me feel part of something much larger than just me, and has triggered thinking that will see the business reach a whole new level in the years to come. Most importantly it will be sustainable growth....it's quite rare to see that in the coaching industry.

Debbie Brown Executive Coach

Coaching has always played an important role in my career. Helping people to be clear on what they want and put plans in place to achieve this, is what energises and motivates me and my clients' results speak for themselves. Joining New Level Results has given me and my clients access to some powerful tools and resources to help shift awareness and move performance in the right direction. I tend to find people often want similar things in life, although the path to get there may be different (this is where the Coach comes in):

  • Clarity, focus, direction and a Plan
  • Business, professional or personal growth
  • A better work life balance
  • Improved productivity and time management
  • Better relationships with family, friends and colleagues
  • Improved health, wealth and happiness.

Paul Hayes, Business and Life Coach.

Going solo as a coach can be lonely, especially when embarking on one of the most challenging business ventures ever - becoming a highly respected results driven coach, with the capability to work with both individuals and teams. Clients want results. They want to know the coaching methodologies and insights will create real, positive and measured change.

Have you ever thought "I want to be a successful coach" and wonder how others earn a 6 figure income? We have the coaching tools, techniques and experience to show you how to be a successful coach. Working with senior management teams is highly competitive and very challenging - we know - we've been operating as business, executive and team coaches for over 10 years!

Do you want to learn how to work as a team coach? Would you like to have access to market leading programmes tailored to working with teams? Would you like to build an enviable coaching practice with the potential of a six figure income?

Do you have a background of working with high performance teams and the desire and ambition to work with high performing executives and top companies?

You can have access to any one or all three powerful coaching programmes, exclusive to New Level Results in the UK that are attracting a lot of attention in the field of coaching, mentoring and training:

The New Level Results Team Compatibility Programme: This system takes psychometric testing to a whole new level. Using the latest in cognitive research and thinking, it maps the compatibility of team members; as individuals, pairs and teams across whole organisations. It then goes on to predict the effectiveness of the team, even predicting compatibility of a new recruit's influence on the team and the team leader. It is the only online psychometric system that predicts and measures the compatibility of your team and the impact of movement of personnel within the team. It provides for a powerful coaching tool, to help individuals and teams to become a highly productive.

The Curve Team Leadership Development Programme: This brand new state of the art system is specifically designed to help teams deliver new levels of performance enabling them to map and track their performance as a team and understand how they can create a culture of alignment and accountability. Compatible with smart devices and acting as an intuitive coaching programme which reminds members of the team of deadlines and objectives, it is designed for highly ambitious companies who want to outperform their competitors in the market place.

No-one else in the coaching industry has access to these incredible programmes. This is why you will stand out in the market place.

We train you in each of these programmes, giving you the credibility and confidence to deliver high value coaching to your clients. We can work closely with you as a coaching partner, providing you with one to one and online coaching and intensive mentoring for a whole year, to ensure your success. This can also include coaching supervision to continually embed your skills as a coach. Provided you have the dedication, relentless commitment and accountability to act upon the knowledge, training and support given, then we believe your success is assured.

Our coaching courses teach you:

  • How to become a corporate and executive coach
  • How to coach teams
  • How to build a successful coaching business
  • How to win more coaching clients

You will be part of a team of coaches who know how to leverage a strength of brand, a strength in numbers and a strength in understanding the methodologies and the secrets to developing a long term, sustainable, lucrative and prosperous coaching practice. If this is just what you have been looking for, Click here now and submit your details so we can speak.

I have been a qualified coach for over 7 years now and can't imagine ever tiring of the pride and excitement I feel when a coaching client overcomes a hurdle to achieve levels of success they'd previously only dared dream about. One of the key advantages for me in partnering with New Level Results, is to be part of a successful team of skilled, professional peers who keep each other challenged, motivated and supported. Having access to the powerful coaching programmes and online systems that New Level Results have created has given me incredible opportunities to break into the team coaching market. In addition, I have benefitted from personal mentoring and coaching; excellent coaching contracts and a chance to develop a specialist coaching proposition in the wellbeing market.
Katie Farrell, New Level Results Coach
At times when things seemed too difficult, they never stopped believing in me and supporting me every step of the way. I'm truly grateful.
Mike Alleyne, Business Coach

If you're a great coach, you deserve success. Being a prosperous coach is not just about the money you can earn as a coach - it's first and foremost about the fulfilment you get from receiving the kind of testimonials detailed on this website.

If you like the idea of being associated with coaching success stories that make you proud, just fill in your details below. We would love to talk to you. We are building a strong coaching brand in the UK, the power of which is growing every day.

We are seeking hard-working, dedicated coaches who want to work with Entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business under the 'Scale up' programme and want to be part of something bigger than just themselves and who share our vision and values. We have a rigorous selection process. Do you have what it takes? Are you committed and dedicated to high ethical coaching standards and delivering measurable results?

If you want to take your coaching business to a whole new level then this is YOUR opportunity. So take action NOW and leave your details and one of the team will get back to you.

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