We are looking for top quality coaches to join our community of like-minded coaches!

Here at New Level Results we have created a community of coaches, that see the opportunities available by being part of something bigger than themselves. We have always had a dedicated team of coaches, however, due to the global pandemic, and seeing coaches struggling, we decided to offer our training and support on our coaching methodology and software to any UK based coach. This has been a popular initiative as so many coaches love what we have created. We are fully online, which means, we can continue to do what we do best, coach, providing meaningful coaching sessions, for our clients. Plus, when we are back to the "new normal" you will have a platform that helps you stand out from the crowd, win new business today and even more business in the future.

Join us if:

You also want to feel part of something bigger and benefit, amongst other things, from expert coaching supervision and the sharing of best practice.

We are offering, a full training programme and a renewable licence, which includes:

This offer is strictly for people who have a coaching qualification and/or significant coaching and facilitation experience.

We are the only coaching organisation in the UK with a proven online tracking system, that demonstrates a Return On Investment (ROI), crucial in these tough financial times and those to come. We have a highly successful methodology, we have the programmes, the training, the experience and the results all built into our Award-winning coaching platform.

Please only apply if you are a Coach serious about building your practice both online and Face to face and you want to be well placed to attract more clients than you thought possible, now and when this pandemic is behind us.

SPECIAL OFFER! The normal investment in your training and support is £1,950 + VAT for the training and initial licence

However, due to the current Pandemic we have decided to contribute £1,455 to your success, therefore your initial training and licence will be £495 + vat.

There is monthly ongoing licence fee of £200+vat per month.

You will also become part of our community of associate coaches who, have coaching supervision, share best practice and enjoy access to leads generated by NLR.

Our offer is open to coaches throughout the UK.

New Level Results is disrupting the coaching industry. We have a proven methodology which is changing lives for individuals, scaling up businesses and is performance enhancing for teams and cohorts. As an added recognition of our work, we used our methodology to coach four female Pacific rowers, who went on to set 2 new world records.

We have worked with over 150 companies and over 1,000 people. We are the only coaching business that proves ROI for clients and in addition, we have won innovation awards and been given exemplar status by the National Scale Up Institute. We now want to share our success with other coaches and help them through these difficult times.

If you want to find out how to take your coaching business to a whole new level then register for our introduction webinar here and discover a whole new world of coaching

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