Wellbeing in the workplace

25 January 2018

You have no doubt seen it, heard about it, talked about it and read about it, but what do you really know about wellbeing in the workplace?  What is wellbeing in the workplace?  Maybe your HR department have talked about and it has got you thinking, how is MY wellbeing in the workplace and what measures do the company have in place to improve this?  In today’s world, there are so many impacts on our health and wellbeing that employers are starting to take more time to consider ‘wellbeing in the workplace.’

Maybe you are lucky enough to have an organisation that promotes a great wellbeing culture. This might include things like, comfortable and adaptable workstations; inviting areas for you to take breaks in; being encouraged to go home on time and take your full holiday allowance; bright and airy rooms for all work, including meetings; plants around the workplace.  You might also be encouraged to take regular breaks throughout your working day to re-energise and re-focus, even a space to exercise at lunchtimes or areas where you can have walking meetings, are all new ideas that are being introduced in some organisations.

Not every organisation has the luxury of providing such facilities for their employees, however, whatever stage you are at, in providing wellbeing in the workplace, there is one area that is simple to implement and has a real impact on employee wellbeing. 

More and more proactive companies are working hard to help all of their employees by providing access to a wellness programme. This can take several formats, however, the most efficient and also palatable method to employees is one which is explained and coached, then mapped and tracked to ensure employees are able to feel happy and healthy.  Increasingly, proactive companies are also looking at programmes that analyse team compatibility; where employees understand how they can work more effectively and harmoniously together, therefore, creating a positive working environment. 

The benefit of using any type of wellness programme within an organisation could be life changing to some employees but on the whole companies can expect to see the following:-

·         Happier and healthier staff

·         Greater job satisfaction

·         Higher retention of staff members

·         Lower absence / lower sickness

·         Increased productivity

With programmes like these available to organisations, it gives an employer the opportunity to highlight it is serious about investing in people’s wellbeing in the workplace.

For more information about programmes that support wellbeing in the workplace please visit Team Compatibility.

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