The Incredible Power of Coaching

08 January 2020

It's almost 5 years ago that 4 amazing women, known as The Coxless Crew, set out from San Francisco in a tiny 29 foot rowing boat they named Doris, with one insatiable goal in mind. To conquer the Pacific Ocean and row the 8446 miles to Cairns in Australia via Hawaii and Samoa, setting several new World Records and raising money for Charity.

An objective like this, which some called an impossible dream, could not be undertaken without years of meticulous planning in every aspect from fundraising, logistics, technology, mindset, teamwork, training etc. To do so required putting together a phenomenal team involving literally hundreds of volunteer helpers and supporters around the World.

As the only coaching organisation with a reputation for disrupting the coaching market, the girls naturally turned to New Level Results for a coaching solution that would help them to overcome their own individual fears, align as a team behind one clear vision and set of values and create a well thought through (fool-proof) plan. And then to be able to map and track their progress every step of the way, both on land beforehand, at sea and afterwards on their ability to tell their inspirational story to the World.

They say it’s easier to row the Pacific Ocean (nearly one third the size of the planet and deeper than the height of Mount Everest) on your own, than in a team. Why? Because on your own you only have your own mind to deal with. With others you also have to cope with their vulnerabilities – their personal high and low points. Teamwork takes on a whole new meaning when it becomes a life or death situation, and when facing 50 foot waves there were many highly dangerous and extremely challenging situations to overcome.

The unique and powerful Coaching methodology we use ensured the girls were prepared for any eventuality, living to a set of formidable values and goals they conquered the Pacific Ocean, row by row, with the mantra ‘Control the Controllable’ and ‘Eat, Sleep, Row, Repeat’.

At the time, the girls wrote:

“New Level Results helped us set out our objectives, our top 10 goals and prioritise what needed to be done. It was just what we needed to keep all our admin together in one tidy and effective package.

We also needed an online system that would not take up too much of our time and would help us all focus on the job at hand and keep us all on track. It made each of us accountable for championing certain areas, getting results and measuring our overall return on investment!

The other great thing about the Coaching programme is that we have an external coach/facilitator work with us. He is objective, there is no personal tie to the project and he can offer a unique professional perspective.

The combination of these three aspects – the coaching methodology, an online coaching programme and a great coach was the glue that kept us focused as a team and successfully set two new World Records as a result.”

In our experience, every ambitious team and organisation will have its own Pacific Ocean to cross in 2020. Don’t leave the journey ahead to chance. Select the right Executive or Business Coach, a proven methodology and an award winning coaching software tracking system wisely. If you are looking for record breaking results, you need all three and that we know we can help you with.

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