Seven Tips For Building A Remarkable Team

18 January 2018

Building a team can be challenging enough as it is. But for the best outcome, you want to make sure you create a team that is working togetheras one cohesive unit, trusts each other, is totally aligned and is held fully accountable.  When create a team like this, they will win every time.  Read on for seven tips on what it takes to create a remarkable team.

1. Select the right members

The first step towards building an outstanding team is selecting the right members. They should be doers, have the appropriate expertise for the particular team they're joining, and have a track record of getting results.

2. Make sure the members work well together

In order to get the best results, the selected members also need to work well together. Their personalities need to be a good match. Major clashes can interfere with their working relationships and prevent them from getting the best results. You may want to look into the New Level Results Team Compatibility Programme to assess the prospective members' personalities as you assemble the team in the first place... or whenever there are any problems.

3. Get everyone on board

Set the priorities of the team's project and make sure all team members share a common understanding of the project goals and support them. It's challenging enough to achieve the best results as it is without having the team members disagree on the basic premises.

4. Let them do their job

Once you've assembled a team of experts, let them do their job. Resist any temptation to micromanage them. It will cause needless stress for your team members, with all the negative consequences. It will frustrate them and destroy their morale. In addition, it will sabotage any synergy that develops, and prevent the team from achieving success.

5. Give them what they need

On the positive side, be sure to give your team any resources they need to do their job. Don't make them jump through hoops to get required supplies and funds. A generally supportive environment is part of that. The team members shouldn't have to deal with office politics and other types of conflict to get their work done. You'll be pleased with the outcome.

6. Express appreciation

As your team members continue to work on their mission and achieve results, be sure to regularly tell them how much you appreciate their efforts. Express gratitude for their hard work, along with encouragement to inspire even more and better results. Give them credit for their accomplishments, especially in meetings and other public settings.

7. Take the heat and bask in the glory

If your team makes a mistake, take the heat and shield them from negative feedback and with each of their successes, bask in the glory of their accomplishments! You - AND your remarkable team - deserve it.

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