Practice Simplicity with Constant Repetition

23 March 2016

During my journey on becoming a successful coach, I was constantly bombarded by these ‘get rich quick’ schemes and promises to ‘warp drive’ my coaching practice, taking it from zero to hero by following quick, easy and powerful techniques that will transform my earnings and my earning potential virtually overnight.

These offers, often made me wonder why it seemed to be taking me so long and so much blood, sweat and tears for my own coaching practice to evolve and become the success it is today. It wasn’t a quick and easy path, however, I now know it was the best road I could have taken. I often wonder how many other coaches there are out there feeling the same way as I did? The fact is, to be successful in business, whether you are a coach or any other kind of entrepreneur, takes hard work, tenacity and perseverance.

Success for me, did not come when:

  • I spent thousands on building a website
  • I invested thousands in adverts and mail shots.
  • I spent hours blogging and tweeting
  • I invested in get rich quick scheme I could of foolishly been trapped in
  • I sat at home behind my laptop
  • I started feeling sorry for myself and desperate to get the next client.

It DID happen when:

  1. I changed my attitude and belief in myself.
  2. I began investing in me to enhance my knowledge
  3. I began being coached by a successful coach.
  4. I joined a community of like-minded coaches.

So, if you’re in the same place I was several years ago, when I hoped to build a successful coaching practice, but it just seemed to keep eluding me, I would encourage you to persevere and follow the tortoise strategy which proved so highly effective for me and subsequently for many other coaches and clients. It’s a strategy that requires relentless attention to managing your thoughts and feelings, and a clear focus on what you really want.  I remember reading recently in a Magazine about one of the great Basketball Hall of Fame coaches in the US, Dale Brown, who advocates ‘practicing simplicity with constant repetition’.

Every day now I practice simple tasks that lead me to success.

The launch pad for my business came when I signed up to a high value coaching programme. It helped me create my own plan for where I wanted to get my coaching practice to. I then learned I could map and track my progress online every month. I paid for my own Coach and soon my goals became reality.

I met and joined up with another successful coach. Between us we started to build a team of intelligent, inspirational and passionate coaches around us. We formed a community and before long success started to multiply in the form of Clients who had heard of our success, contacting us for coaching and also corporate/business clients engaging our services. We even worked with an expedition of four women who rowed across the Pacific Ocean and gained two world records.

And now, more and more people want to know about our market leading coaching platforms we have developed which have delivered transformational results for business leaders and coaches alike, read about our Business Coaching Software.

So, if you are out there working hard to get your business off the ground, don’t get caught up in the ‘get rich quick’ schemes. There is a great future ahead for entrepreneurial coaches with vision and for those who want to work with like-minded coaches to transform their own business and their client’s futures.

If you believe in yourself and need help in taking your coaching practise to a new level of success then send us your details now of get in touch for a free demo of our coaching programmes. 

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