Pandemic planning for your business

17 March 2020

Pandemic Planning for your Business

What’s the sensible and rational approach to the current global situation for corporations and SME’s. How do we maintain a sense of normality? More importantly how do we not just survive, but thrive when the seas of commerce become stormy?

Those forward thinking organisations who gain an edge in the marketplace will have the following three strategic objectives driving their business and maintaining the morale of their people:

  1. Good contingency planning, placing the health and well-being of their people at the heart of all decision making.
  2. Not taking their eye off the ball – keeping the vision and values of the organisation alive through regular communication and direction.
  3. Pro-actively developing their people – the best leaders are made in times of unprecedented change and challenge.

Good contingency planning and modelling avoids crisis management, panic and rash decisions. A useful tool is Henry Minzberg’s strategic thinking model which helps boards of directors generate a picture of various possible futures, determine the likelihood of each happening and prepare robust plans for each scenario. The technique was first made popular by the Shell Oil Company, when they were far better prepared than other oil companies for the Middle East Oil Crisis. Today Stock markets around the world are tumbling, reflecting another global crisis. One that didn’t even exist 3 months ago. Where did it come from? And more importantly, where is it taking us.

As one of the impacts is social distancing and remote working, how do you ensure individuals and teams continue to work and keep the company wheels turning?

We believe one of the best tools in the marketplace in this respect is The Curve® - an online planning tools that helps teams and individuals in both Public and Private Sector to create robust, well thought through plans and map and track their progress for up to 12 months. When the seas get stormy, having a ‘sat nav’ system which brings teams together remotely will give organisations and businesses an edge in the current new global phenomenon.  

If you don’t have a ‘live’ plan that you and your team can access all at the same time, from anywhere in the World, how will you navigate through the unseen challenges ahead and ensure your business or organisation continues, not only to survive, but thrive?

For more information on the planning capability of award winning The Curve® contact us today at

The Curve® is the ideal solutions for:

  1. Organisations to give their leaders confidence and focus
  2. SME’s to create robust contingency plans and stay on track
  3. Leaders who can support their teams and individuals to continue to deliver results
  4. Coaches (internal and external) who will be able to coach their coaches and clients remotely.

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