Are you living the dream or enduring the nightmare?

Are you living the dream or enduring the nightmare? As an ambitious entrepreneur, someone with energy, foresight and a creative mind, the problem with that mind is that it can sometimes keep us up at night. If you suffer from sleepless nights, because your business keeps demanding attention, you are not alone. You will be amazed how many business owners I speak to who admit to having sleepless nights over their business. You may Read More

Why employ a business coach?

Why employ a business coach? We are hearing more and more about people who have employed a business coach to help them to build a successful business. When deciding to invest in coaching – what exactly are you looking for? Are you clear about what a good coaching outcome looks like? Most people who take on a coach start from the perspective that their life or their business is not where they want it to be and something keeps Read More

How to win coaching clients

Everyone who starts out wanting to be a Coach faces the same issue. The single biggest challenge of all. Winning clients. So great is this problem that other coaches have tried to position themselves as industry experts on ‘how to win clients’ by writing books, arranging webinars, video programmes, weekend retreats and whole courses on how to win clients. The sad thing is that most coaches spend all their time and Read More

The magic of selecting an unstoppable team

Winning the world cup has to be the pinnacle of any football player’s and their Manager’s career. The highlight of a journey that started the day they first fell in love with the sport, to the relentless and sometimes monotonous dedication of practice, training and discipline. But it's not individuals that win World Cups. Indeed, one of the biggest differences between the finalists and all those teams that ultimately fell Read More

Are Coaches Sowers?

Are Coaches Sowers? Once there were four coaches. One was rich in success; the others poor and struggling to get their coaching practice off the ground. Why and how do only one in four coaches harvest a lucrative, successful, results orientated coaching practice? Which one of the four coaches are you? On my travels I meet many coaches and they fall into four categories:
I don’t like selling and find Read More

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