A business is a reflection of

A business is a reflection of the skills, attitude and behaviour of the people in the business…..you can’t build a business – you build people. People build the business. Numerous 2016 Employee Engagement Surveys affirm the need for organisations to adopt clever thinking when it comes to attracting and retaining the very best executive and talent,  especially, with one eye on the new ‘millennials’  Read More

Practice Simplicity with Constant Repetition

During my journey on becoming a successful coach, I was constantly bombarded by these ‘get rich quick’ schemes and promises to ‘warp drive’ my coaching practice, taking it from zero to hero by following quick, easy and powerful techniques that will transform my earnings and my earning potential virtually overnight. These offers, often made me wonder why it seemed to be taking me so long and so much blood, sweat and Read More

Media whirlwind!

Wow, what a few days it has been. We have been imagining arriving into Cairns for a long time and hoped there would be some media interest but we NEVER anticipated quite so much attention! From the UK, Australia, to the US and all the way across Europe, we have even been approached by a Korean news station for an interview!! We really have a big thank you to say to our PR team at Carver PR who have been working around the clock Read More

New Year - New Arrival

2015 saw some incredible British achievements, from the first British man into space, the amazing advancement of research into stem cells, to winning the Davis Cup for the first time since 1936. Kick starting 2016 is the inspiring and emotional story of 4 young British women who left the coast of San Francisco in April 2015 to embark on one of the most audacious, treacherous and challenging feats of human endurance ever seen – to Read More

What is Business Coaching? Is it right for me?

A valuable business coaching session will entail a spectrum of techniques to help you download all the questions, issues and ideas that fill your mind. Whether you have ambitious plans to grow your business, enter new markets, find great people or access finance, the life of a business owners can be a challenging and lonely one. Every decision you make is key to moving you forward – the wrong decision could be costly – even Read More

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