How to win coaching clients

13 September 2018

Everyone who starts out wanting to be a Coach faces the same issue. The single biggest challenge of all.

Winning clients.

So great is this problem that other coaches have tried to position themselves as industry experts on ‘how to win clients’ by writing books, arranging webinars, video programmes, weekend retreats and whole courses on how to win clients.

The sad thing is that most coaches spend all their time and money acquiring all this information, studying how to be a coach – but rarely going out and being a coach, to the many, many people who need one.

Why is it that we have a rich get richer and poor get poorer situation in the field of coaching. Those ‘experts’ telling us all how to be a great coach are getting richer telling those of us who have so few, if any, clients how to become a coach.

This has to stop.

We’ve been coaching clients for over 10 years, making an honest living and getting some amazing results. And it saddens us to see so many coaches out there who are struggling and who are turning to people who are so far removed from the industry, for answers they never get. How many times have you had to scroll down a webpage that’s as long as a till roll at Christmas time! And the real answers never come.

To be a great coach, with an enviable list of clients who stay with you, because of the results they are getting from you, it’s important you have these 5 success ingredients.

  1. Do you have a Coach who has real clients, earns more than you do and who coaches you regularly one on one, to develop you and hold you accountable?
  2. Do you have a technology based platform to show your clients how they will get a Return on Investment from your coaching?
  3. Do you have a proven coaching methodology (more in depth than the GROW model) backed up by a wealth of client testimonials?
  4. Are you aligned behind a strong brand that allows you to progress as a coach into different fields and part of a coaching team or community that willingly supports each other and shares best practice? (It’s very lonely otherwise).
  5. Do you know who your ideal clients are and have annual business goals that are mapped and tracked each month to ensure you achieve them?

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