Creating more work life balance

29 January 2018

Creating More Work/Life Balance

Do you work too many hours? How about your colleagues and staff members? Not too long ago, putting our all into our work was seen as a positive trait. But now we know better. In fact, many companies have begun to actively help their employees find a better balance between work and personal life.

Still, that's easier said than done.  According to a survey by the Modern Families Index, about half of UK employees with children at home are struggling with work life balance. There appears to be a "parenthood penalty" that prevents parents from fulfilling their career potential while also spending quality time with their children.

It doesn't have to be that way. A quick search online shows plenty of companies that stand out for the exemplary work life balance they offer their employees.

These companies offer more balance in various ways. For starters, in order to ensure that their employees have a balance of work time and personal time, they...

  • Encourage or even require their employees to take all their holidays
  • Offer additional unpaid leave options
  • Keep their working hours well below 48 hours per week
  • Design healthy shift patterns
  • Develop flexible working schemes
  • Offer generous maternity and paternity leave programmes

In addition, to improve their employees' quality of life during their actual work hours, they...

  • Develop great training and coaching programmes
  • Provide career and personal development opportunities for their employees, including tuition reimbursement for college courses
  • Invest in programmes that add value to their employees and make their jobs easier
  • Create great charity programmes and volunteering opportunities
  • Offer regular feedback and appraisals
  • Conduct award ceremonies and invite their employees' partners

Finally, to provide ways to reduce work stress to keep their employees happy and healthy, they...

  • Offer health programmes, including private healthcare for their employees
  • Include counseling programmes
  • Provide gyms and healthy eating options
  • Create chill out zones and lower stress working environments
  • Encourage employees to spend time outside during their breaks

Yet many other companies still struggle with figuring out how to handle the issue. They would benefit from taking their cues from the list above, however, its not always as simple as that for some.

As more and more companies strive towards providing a better and more balanced work environment for their employees, they may not be able to jump right in and implement all or even some of the above options.

The aim may be to quickly realise gains in bottom line performance,  after all, happy employees are productive employees! Once companies consider the high cost of sick leave and employee turnover, then making employee health and wellness a priority, just makes sense.

How do you track the success of employee wellbeing initiatives; a headache facing most employers. You could just ask if your employees are happy, or have a work life balance; this could form part of monthly one to ones with their manager and annual appraisals. However, is this sufficient? What if you could provide a ‘wellbeing programme’ ready made to create the impact you need? What if you could create a wellbeing culture overnight? And what if you could track and measure the success from day one?

The New Level Results wellbeing programme, is ready, working and generating results. There is no need to reinvent any wheel here, we've done it all for you.  We help you track employee progress as the employee takes personal responsibility for increasing their own work/life balance. After all, is it not better that you give them the facility to create the environment and they take responsibility for their life balance?

You can have the balance you want. Your employees can have the life balance they want, and we help measure progress, keep the momentum going, and ensure that the stated goals are reached.  To find out more about New Level Results wellbeing Software and Online Programmes, please visit New Level Results

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