Bounce Back for British Business Programme

05 June 2020

Bounce Back for British Business Programme

As the UK government eases lockdown and more and more businesses are reopening, are your expectations to immediately return to business as normal or will you need to modify your past way of operating, diversify or totally rethink how you take your business forward?  The businesses who will recover quicker than any other are the ones who have a well thought through, robust plan.

We are the only business coaching organisation in the UK with a proven online tracking system, that demonstrates a Return On Investment (ROI), crucial in these tough financial times. We have a highly successful methodology which has assisted hundreds of business owners and their teams to create a full proof strategic plan to scale up their business.

If there was anything that wasn’t working in your business before, you now have the opportunity to wipe the slate clean.  Conversely where you have strengths you have the opportunity to take the advantage over your competition.  You will only be able to do this by working with a specialist business coach who understands what it takes for businesses to revive and thrive.

We have a dedicated team of business coaches, ready to support your full recovery. The programme available to all business owners has received Exemplar status from the UK Scale Up Institute, giving you confidence in the integrity of the support available.

This is an intense 4 month programme giving entrepreneurs greater access to a wealth of support, including leadership development, teamwork, good planning and implementation, grants and funding and the latest government advice regarding health and safety and how you get the best out of your people.

You will also become part of our community of successful business owners!

5 benefits of having a robust strategic plan are:

  1. See the whole business– take a step back and look at the bigger picture
  2. Set priorities, you can’t do everything. Business planning helps you keep track of the right things and the most important things, so you know where to allocate your time, effort, and resources strategically.
  3. Manage change, with good planning process you regularly review, track progress and spot new developments so you can adjust accordingly – this is particularly important right now!
  4. Develop accountabilityyou set the expectations and track results, this is how you gain the full buy in of your team. 
  5. Milestones and regular reminders to keep on track, good business planning sets milestones you can work towards. These are key goals you want to achieve. It can be hard, during the heat of the everyday routine, to remember the priorities and focus. The New Level Results Curve tracking system becomes your regular reminder.

Disrupting the Coaching Market

New Level Results is disrupting the coaching industry. We have a proven methodology which is changing lives for individuals, scaling up businesses and is performance enhancing for teams and cohorts.

As an added recognition of our work, we used our methodology to coach four female Pacific rowers, who went on to set 2 new world records.

We have worked with over 150 companies and over 1,000 people. We are the only coaching business that proves ROI for clients and in addition, we have won innovation awards and been given exemplar status by the National Scale Up Institute. We now want to share our success with as many business owners as possible to help them through these difficult times.

For more information and an informal chat or to apply to join one of our programmes, send us an email to

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