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28 February 2017

A business is a reflection of the skills, attitude and behaviour of the people in the business…..you can’t build a business – you build people. People build the business.

Numerous 2016 Employee Engagement Surveys affirm the need for organisations to adopt clever thinking when it comes to attracting and retaining the very best executive and talent,  especially, with one eye on the new ‘millennials’  who are now appearing on the job market. The world of work has changed – no longer is it about ‘work/life balance’ but much more about ‘whole-life balance’.

In many organisations, the demands to deliver a range of targets are still manifesting themselves in high levels of stress, sickness and staff turnover. Solutions in the form of regular staff appraisals (performance reviews), development plans, training days, team building days just don’t seem to be working. There is often friction between on target/off target performance and the ever tightening of budgets, particularly when it comes to spend on learning and development.

However, high productivity, combined with empowerment and engagement are at an all-time high in those organisations that are using more modern and innovative methods to recognise, reward and develop their people AND build their culture at all levels.

Out goes:

  1. The old style psychometrics that everyone knows how to manipulate, thus skewing the results and even recruitment success.
  2. The rigidity and tick box mentality structured staff performance review meetings,
  3. Expensive 1 day or 2 week training courses, where the workbooks become ‘shelf’ development rather than self-development, resulting in the return on investment not being quantified.
  4. Internal coaching programmes which offer employees limited opportunity to be really honest about where they think the organisation is headed and where they fit in it.

In comes:

  1. New style ‘live’ psychometrics that report not only on the strengths and vulnerabilities, but also map employees into pairs and teams, predicting the likely success of the pairing and the team.
  2. More regular informal one to ones which include an opportunity for 360 degree feedback about the line manager, the team and the organisation.
  3. Low cost, longer term (12 months) blended self-development learning programmes, which can be completed online on a self-directed basis, in groups or with a coach. Programmes which have now helped thousands of individuals and teams to create holistic, work and home life plans to achieve the perfect balance for high productivity, low stress and fulfilment in all areas of their lives.
  4. Internal mentors with external coaching, enabling individuals to be free to express and overcome their worries and explore their strengths and opportunities for career development, thus feeling invested in and valued by their company.

New Level Results deliver cutting edge solutions, designed to help senior leaders develop the performance of their teams and their organisation. Designed by a highly experienced team of experts from the fields of business analytics, executive team development and psychometrics, we are already making our mark with many teams.

To find out how you can transform your workforce with these low cost, high impact solutions, contact us here today.

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