Is Return On Investment (ROI) The Holy Grail For Coaches?

07 September 2020

There are many definitions of Return on Investment; we like this one: “ROI is a measure of success. That measure will differ from one company or individual to the next, but it must be indisputable in terms of measuring the gain generated by an investment in relation to its initial cost.”

Proving the Return on Investment could be the ‘holy grail’ for coaches, helping clients see the value of coaching and of course helping coaches to win more business.

Right now, budgets are tighter and Personal Development budget holders are more discerning,with many clients asking;“If I sign up to your coaching programme, what will be the return on my investment?”

Andrew Duncan and Simon Teague have spent many years as successful coaches analysing this question. “How do you prove the return on investment in any coaching relationship?”

They have made it their mission to answer this question and reassure potential clients that coaching, which has a validated track record, a proven methodology and live case studies, can deliver ‘a gain’ in important areas of grow and bottom line productivity; proving that working onmindsetchange, values, behaviours, competencies, belief  and tangible goals, contribute to a significant return on the investment made.

NOW we can prove it!

Andrew and Simonhave come up with the answer by creating an award winning innovative software, becoming the only coaching business that automatically captures the ROI throughout the coaching intervention.

The Curve®; a state of the art, innovative coaching platform that helps clients be clear about where they want their life/business/organisation to be and exactly what measures they value and want to see progress in.

It’s a platform made by coaches for coaches, that clients readily adopt, helping the client become symbiotically accountable for the results, with built in measures, captured throughout.

The ROI becomes clear, not just at the end of the coaching programme but throughout and consequently many clients renew for another year and sometimes, two, three or more years, living a life of continuous improvement.

Andrew and Simon’s company, New Level Results Ltd is disrupting the coaching market with their innovative thinking and desire to make a measurable difference in peoples lives and in those of businesses and companies and their associate coaching team is growing rapidly. The Curve® platform is helping clients to select New Level Results as their preferred coaching partner, being secure in the knowledge that ROI will always be proven.

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