Is Return On Investment (ROI) The Holy Grail For Coaches?

There are many definitions of Return on Investment; we like this one: “ROI is a measure of success. That measure will differ from one company or individual to the next, but it must be indisputable in terms of measuring the gain generated by an investment in relation to its initial cost.” Proving the Return on Investment could be the ‘holy grail’ for coaches, helping clients see the value of coaching and of course Read More

Bounce Back for British Business Programme

Bounce Back for British Business Programme As the UK government eases lockdown and more and more businesses are reopening, are your expectations to immediately return to business as normal or will you need to modify your past way of operating, diversify or totally rethink how you take your business forward?  The businesses who will recover quicker than any other are the ones who have a well thought through, robust plan. We are Read More

Practical tips and action Business owners need to take right now

Practical tips and action Business Owners need to take right now. UK Entrepreneurs have the resilience and determination to win any battle. Despite being 'quarantined' myself, I have been taking a number of calls from many of my clients who are understandably shocked and worried at how quickly this Coronavirus has gripped the world and placed our economies and businesses in jeopardy.  I want to assure you Read More

Pandemic planning for your business

Pandemic Planning for your Business What’s the sensible and rational approach to the current global situation for corporations and SME’s. How do we maintain a sense of normality? More importantly how do we not just survive, but thrive when the seas of commerce become stormy? Those forward thinking organisations who gain an edge in the marketplace will have the following three strategic objectives driving their business and Read More

The Incredible Power of Coaching

It's almost 5 years ago that 4 amazing women, known as The Coxless Crew, set out from San Francisco in a tiny 29 foot rowing boat they named Doris, with one insatiable goal in mind. To conquer the Pacific Ocean and row the 8446 miles to Cairns in Australia via Hawaii and Samoa, setting several new World Records and raising money for Charity. An objective like this, which some called an impossible dream, could not be undertaken without Read More
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