Are your clients now Hybrid Workers?

Even though the government has now lifted its work from home orders more and more companies are adapting to allow their staff to remain at home full time or part time. Companies like NatWest have announced that only 13% of its full time workers will return to the office. So for some this can be a daunting time as they learn to navigate the new way of working and managing teams remotely. Do you have clients who will struggle to connect with a team once they are not all office based? Our Where’s Your Head At workshop training, facilitated by a coach, uses real actors to roleplay scenarios that can then be directed by the team to reach a positive outcome. Hybrid working is likely to be here to stay for some time This programme is specifically designed to help your leaders excel and reduce levels of stress – THIS IS THE ONLY leadership programme that measures the impact and provides your leaders with long term coaching plans to embed learning – there is real power of watching professional actors act out real life situations and your leaders coaching the actors, helping them to practice the skills and apply them immediately into their roles as leaders.