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New Level Results was created in 2014, by two coaching entrepreneurs Andrew Duncan and Simon Teague. They both had many years of experience in coaching and helping people to achieve their greatest hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Their combined dream was to do what others thought impossible and that was, to bring a ’tangibility’ to the world of coaching. They also wanted to Demystify coaching by raising standards and making the whole experience transparent to achieve this, it was clear that the effectiveness of the coach and the coaching, had to be measured.

They have spent years developing unique software that maps and tracks the coaching intervention and proves the return on a clients investment and are now the only coaching business that can do this.

The results have been incredible, which is why they have attracted a team of high calibre coaches, who are also experts in the NLR methodology and helping clients get the results they want.


Client Case Studies

The business owners we work with inspire us every day.
Discover how they built a business they love leading and a life they love living.

The Coxless Crew

Here is a fantastic example of how we coach teams to reach a level of performance others thought impossible. A team of four ladies rowing the Pacific Ocean, unaccompanied, has never been done before, until this team of brave women set off from San Francisco, rowed for over 9 months and set 2 new world records. New Level Results coaching was the glue that held them together.

The Imaging Centre Limited

Here is a wonderful example of how a business grows, not in a straight line, but in steps. What began with individual business coaching for the founders, evolved into the supporting succession and handover to the next generation while at the same time scaling up the business.

Sterlingbuild Limited

Here is a powerful example of how our coaching methodology enabled this company to grow to a £20 million business by having a holistic plan that focused on building a values culture and structure to deliver continuous improvement in the business. Our coaching software was instrumental in creating alignment and a culture of accountability.

Equestrian Sport

Here is a typical example of how we coach individuals to develop a powerful mindset of self-belief and a clear vision of where you want your life to be in 12 months time. Nothing is impossible with a New Level Results coach by your side. Whether you are in the workplace, in business, at home or in the word of sports our coaching will help you reach your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

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