Award winning software that helps you to coach your clients effectively

Created by coaches for coaches, our programme will enrich the way you coach and involve your clients in their coaching journey. The Curve encourages clients to map and track their progress, and even gives you an insight into their world prior to all review meetings.

Not only does the platform significantly reduce the amount of admin that comes with writing up notes or making plans, we are also measuring mindset changes and goals. It helpfully sends reminders to clients about what they need to do before your next session and you can check in on what they have recorded at any time.

Now, not only will you be able to show your clients their progress with the use of helpful charts and graphs but they will also be able to see their ROI clearly.

The Curve gives visible indicators and shows the client the progress they have made since working with you.

The Curve is even more powerful when working with teams and large groups.