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New Level Results was created in 2014, by two business coaching entrepreneurs Andrew Duncan and Simon Teague. They both had many years of experience in coaching and helping people to achieve their greatest hopes, dreams and aspirations.


Coaching Excellence

New Level Results is the only Business Coaching organisation that helps individuals and teams in all walks of life and industries to see transformational and measurable results from coaching. We do this by mapping and tracking the coaching intervention. We literally achieve the kind of results that people dream of.

Whether you are an executive, entrepreneur, co-founder, leader, head of department, CEO, new manager, maternity returner, ambitious team or even an expedition, we have developed an unrivalled methodology and the software to help you get the results you want and need.

Our coaching – it only works!
Using a system that maps and tracks my progress made my coaching experience so much more successful than traditional coaching Dan Maudhub – MD- Wonderful Creative Agency

We are the only coaching company that can demonstrate your ROI

NLR CPD Certification | New Level Results

We are one of the few coaching organisations to offer CPD accreditation

Better solution

Coaching Programs



  • Executive team coaching
  • Leadership team coaching
  • Sales teams coaching
  • Expeditions & any other teams


  • Personal coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Entrepreneur coaching
  • Health & Well-being


  • Scale up your business
  • Peer to peer programmes
  • Increase productivity
  • Build your team


  • Values culture
  • Strength Based Practice
  • Whole organisation
  • Leadership & talent programmes

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It’s your opportunity to experience coaching the NLR way.

New Level Results – Business Coaching

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