SME Case Studies

We are proud to be part of the following companies journeys


Michael Crane set up his office supplies business in 2002 and through tenacity, clever marketing and robust systems he built a user friendly office supplies company, offering over 20,000 different products from ink and toner to corporate gifts and office interiors. In the good years the business thrived, founded on a reputation for great service and reliability. Notwithstanding the recession and increasingly fierce competition, Michael had good management systems and key performance indicators that allowed him to take more and more time off from the business.

“Having built the business up over 12 years I was staggered to come back from a world cruise to find that people were not following the processes and procedures I had put in place and we had lost good business and profitability. This really knocked my confidence. I thought I had it all sorted. I felt like we had gone back to square one. Things were not irretrievable, but the question was, did I have the motivation and drive to ‘build it all back up again?” Michael Crane, Managing Director.


craneMichael has always invested in his own self development. Having attended a Leadership Course a few years previously he returned to New Level Results and was very interested in the Best Year Yet Business Coaching Programme. He wanted someone to work with who understood the trials and tribulations of running a business and who would challenge his thinking and hold him accountable.

In essence, he was seeking a high performance coach; mainly because, despite previous success, he was now questioning his own thought processes and what actions he should take next. He had settled for a good lifestyle and now it was going to take focus, hard work and commitment to restore the business and decide on a lifestyle that would enable him to fulfil his hopes, dreams and aspirations.


Michael says: “I am absolutely blown over by the power of thought and what you think about you bring about and the power of writing down a plan and following it relentlessly every month. I have never been so consistent with things. My thoughts, behaviours and actions are totally different to what they were only 6 months ago, before I encountered best year yet. The best year yet philosophies and tracking system hold me accountable and the results are nothing short of staggering.”

New Level Results introduced Growth Accelerator to assist in developing a 12 month strategic development plan. The combination of professional coaching and mentoring has resulted in a complete transformation in business improvement and personal development with a breakthrough in many areas in just 6 months. The financial performance of the business and well-being of Michael personally are in an exceptionally good place. This was recently acknowledged with a nomination for the Daily Telegraph SME of the Year 2014.

Working with my Coach has been an amazing journey. In less than 6 months, I am in control of and have the perfect balance in all areas of my life, underpinned by the recovery of the business. With the power of positive thinking, backed up by relentless systems and measurement I am looking forward to a great future. I would definitely recommend the best year yet programme to every ambitious entrepreneur looking for the capability to harness great results by having a plan for success and by being held completely accountable to that plan.” Michael Crane, Managing Director.

Company: Crane Office Supplies Ltd


Industry Sector: Wholesale and retail sales of office supplies.


Fresh Olive has a 20 year history operating in the food sector, with an award winning reputation for excellence and innovation among an influential customer base including Michelin starred chefs across London and the South East. The Company has built this strong foothold in the market and maintains it by having a belief and passion in better product, better price and a better service.

Fresh Olive has an ambitious desire for accelerated growth in turnover by 2016. Key to this success is the delivery of the companies Mission, Vision and Values along with a strategic role out throughout the various functions of the business. In particular the Sales and Marketing function are seeking extend the reach of the Fresh Olive customer base without compromise in service and quality or reputation by building a Customer added value strategy.

“We needed a bespoke sales training solution involving a comprehensive roll-out to upskill each and every sales person, looking at their practice out in the field, accompanying them on customer meetings and prospecting, observing and identifying specific solutions for each customer segment and target group.” Adam Wells, Managing Director


The senior management team needed to work as one cohesive team in order to uplift productivity, turnover and margin and create a culture of accountability. They sought delivery of high volumes of high quality sales that are valued and profitable to both customers and the company. They wanted sales management structures, field coaching, class room training, negotiating skills, sales processes codified by channel and a key account management approach to their work. They also wanted to identify, retain and develop key accounts, whilst creating the capacity to win and service new business in both new markets and a wider geographical reach; to build upon current success by defining excellence within the top team and the sales function and provide the support needed to meet these challenges; to have a sales function that has an effective customer relationship strategy and to maximise productivity.

Having been introduced to several Training Providers by the Leadership & Management Specialist at Grant Thornton, the management team chose New Level Results, initially because they felt the Best Year Yet Team Development Programme would facilitate a shift in the performance culture. They have continued to work with New Level Results in the roll out of bespoke sales training.


Managing Director, Adam Wells says: "It's no exaggeration to say that the appointment of New Level Results to steer us through the process has been the most profound catalyst for change that this business has ever experienced. With a diverse range of characters and our fair share of modern management method cynics in the top table team, it's been our Coach’s totally grounded, commercial and pragmatic approach allied to his extremely perceptive and intuitive intelligence about people that has addressed the cynicism and forced us all to take a profound look at the fundamental ways in which we operate our business.”

The company has successfully implemented a Mission, Vision and Values cascade and is well on the way to building a high value, high performance culture. Its ambitious growth targets are on track and they are seeing a complete transformation in the sales delivery function of the business, having been open to a comprehensive review of customer meetings, sales meetings, individual performance meetings, observations, sales processes by channel and sales management information. This has included a whole range of new strategies and delivery processes that empower the Management team to meet new challenges and achieve defined objectives.

“Andrew's interventions are always well timed and targeted, never afraid at the same time, to confront issues that need to be addressed head on, but the real magic lies in the subtle transference of responsibility for the process over time from himself to the team he is coaching, leaving us all with a sense that we have been properly empowered to take the business to another level. I would recommend him and New Level Results without hesitation". Adam Wells, MD.

“Working with New Level Results we have spent the past 12 months developing the company’s business strategy, identifying the values and culture we want for the business, building trust and relationships as a senior management team and rolling out a Performance Management programme across all departments.  The company is now ready to achieve our ambition to double turnover having put the enablers in place and agreed our direction of travel. It is true to say that without New Level Results providing tools, training and feedback this would have been a great deal harder. The monthly intervention has steered us in the right direction effectively and efficiently through providing the “Best Year Yet” framework whilst leaving us totally accountable for the outcomes.  In many areas I now see the kind of Best Practice normally associated with much bigger organisations, but with our entrepreneurial culture still very much alive - a win/win result”. Debbie Eddy, Marketing Director

Company: The Fresh Olive Company Limited


Industry Sector: Food


Justine began with a hobby business, making jewellery in her garden shed. She had a track record of failed business ventures and lacked confidence in her own business acumen. Her husband developed a ‘cool’ website which attracted interest from a couple of ‘you tube’ stars who bought her cloth wrist bands priced between £6 - £20. They wore them in their productions and their fans started asking questions about where they had bought the jewellery. Sales started taking off. Justine was then contacted by her brother in law who works for St Kids (a fashion brand of Live Nation). After numerous meetings they eventually put in an order for 2000 wrist bands. It took Justine 6 months to make them all and they sold out within 3 weeks!

“I was torn between doing the thing I loved the most – designing one off amazing Jewellery pieces and having to meet the demand of high volumes for wholesale to St Kids. I struggled to keep up with their order deadlines and found myself working long hours for very little money. ” Justine Cullen, Designer Entrepreneur


justineJustine lacked a vision and longer term strategy for her business. She needed structure and focus, but was spending too much time working in the business rather than ON the business. She had cherished dreams but dare not pursue them for fear of failure.

Justine was referred to a New Level Results Business Coach by another client who had experienced the power of good coaching and she felt it would be just what Justine needed. The coach was able to unlock Justine’s hopes, dreams and aspirations and form the outline of a 3 year strategic plan. This really opened Justine’s eyes – she had never really looked at her business in this way. She instantly saw the benefit of working with a coach and the power the Best Year Yet Plan and tracking would offer her and give her the direction and structure she needed to transform her business.


The coach introduced Justine to Growth Accelerator to part fund a Best Year Yet Coaching and Personal Development Programme. She is now in her second year. Her confidence has gone through the roof. The business has moved from the garden shed to a fit for purpose unit in Ashford Town Centre. Sales and profits are the best they have ever been. Seeing her potential to be a global celebrity designer, her coach challenged her to produce one piece of Jewellery that would equate to her whole years projected turnover in one go.

Justine says: “My Coach makes me do crazy things which take me completely outside of my comfort zone. He makes me think at a level I have never dared to think. The results have been nothing short of staggering. ”

Justine uses her plan like a recipe to success, constantly looking at it, updating, reviewing and revising her thinking, behaviour and actions. She knows exactly where she is going and what she needs to do to be successful – all with the support and challenge of her New Level Results Coach.

“Since being introduced to the wonderful Best Year Yet programme, it is no exaggeration to say that the combination of the coaching and the system has completely transformed the way I think and the actions I take, giving me the results I have always wanted. Best Year Yet is one of the best things to have happened to me.” Justine Cullen

Company: Justine Cullen


Industry Sector: Manufacture and retail distribution


Lemon Creative is an established, highly skilled design agency, specialising in brand identity, packaging design, literature design, exhibition design, digital presentations, website design, illustration and photography. The company won contracts to design the packaging for Hornby, Scalextric, Corgi Toys and Airfix, which meant employing a dedicated team of designers. Over the years the business grew and in 2011 Drew Selman took opportunity to buy out the other founders. At the end of 2013, Drew was given the devastating news that the Hornby Group, which included all of the above brands decided to transfer all of its design work in house and Lemon Creative would lose the contracts, which equated to 98% of its turnover.

“Having built the business up over 6 years I was shattered at the prospect of having to make everyone redundant and of losing everything. We had placed all our eggs in one basket and I questioned all my abilities and skills as an entrepreneur. I was not in a good place and simply didn’t know where to turn for help.” Drew Selman, Business Owner.


planesDrew knew he needed some good sound advice and turned to Business Support Kent, a local business support agency with a reputation for sound business advice. They in turn referred him on to New Level Results.

Drew was obviously devastated by the loss of such a major contract and the prognosis for the business. It shattered his confidence and it took all the skills of the Coach to show Drew that the very best entrepreneurs experience difficult times. The key was to overcome the adversity. The solution to transforming his belief, confidence and turn round his fortunes lay in having a plan.


Drew says: “Going through the Best Year Yet Coaching Programme has helped me to recognise and face my biggest limiting paradigm - self doubt. I was surprised that the creation of a ‘recovery’ plan lay first and foremost in my thinking. There is a heavy focus on my thought process and the influence I can have on the outcomes I want through the power of positive thought. Creating a set of guidelines has changed my behaviour which has led me to take different actions – ones which have put me way outside my comfort zone.”

In seeing the potential in Drew the New Level Results coach introduced Growth Accelerator to assist in creating a 12 month development plan. The combination of coaching and challenging Drew every month has resulted in a transformation in his outlook and consequently his results in just under 4 months. He has stepped forward for networking, presentations and exhibitions and really put his brand out there, with amazing success. Early indications are that he is building the foundations to deliver every one of his best year yet goals.

When you get the kind of knock I have experienced it can be very difficult to pick yourself up. In a short period my Coach has given me techniques and tools to help me focus on what’s important and how I can influence and achieve my goals. Although at the start of this journey, with many challenges still ahead, I am reassured that I now have a fool-proof plan which is helping me to make the right decisions to put Lemon Creative firmly back on the map.” Drew Selman, Business Owner.

Company: Lemon Creative Ltd


Industry Sector: Branding & Design Agency.


Priory Business Group PLC had grown from a business forms specialist, founded in 1989, into a business services company offering Print Management, Office Supplies, Archive Management and Ecommerce supplies and fulfillment through an online division – Priory Direct. The company had grown steadily for a number of years, winning local business awards with regularity. With offices in Paddock Wood & Epping and a central storage facility located near to the M20, Priory Business Group PLC has become the UK and Europe’s largest provider of integrated labels, with the widest range of integrated label options and thousands of bespoke label customers.

After seeing the care they placed in supplying their labels, their customers asked for more. They needed envelopes, bubble lined bags, book wraps, packing boxes and postal tubes. Priory Direct supplied them; they improved their ecommerce despatch operations and the number of items in their packaging range. Customers chose them as their long- term e-commerce supplier because they promised to make their customers’ despatch processes easier with leading quality products and unsurpassed customer service levels.

“My team have developed very sophisticated systems for reminders, marketing emails and promotions with links to the client’s previous baskets of purchases. This has resulted in a very high re-order rate and high client retention; and, combined with a good digital marketing strategy produces strong growth for the Group.” Owner and CEO, Bob Pitman


vansTo further improve and expand, the business needed a strategy to manage growth, with clear direction on the priorities and focus; where management time should be spent, as well as the areas which can be delegated with suitable training, monitoring and reporting. Additionally, they needed a performance appraisal system providing specific KPIs; the recruitment of suitably skilled staff to fulfil the roles of a Sales Manager; a reliable IT and Project Management Team to manage future plans; and the expansion of the warehousing facilities as the need to grow the stock holding of products grows.

The company were introduced to a New Level Results Business Coach by their Growth Accelerator Manager, in order to help make the above outcomes a reality. The Coach helped the company produce a comprehensive Business Plan and projections, resulting in a 3 Year Business Strategy with KPIs.


CEO, Bob Pitman, says “As a Group we undertook the Leadership and Management Programme, as part of the Growth Accelerator Scheme. The programme has been highly successfully and professionally delivered by our New Level Results Coach over the year.”

The team are now implementing their Leadership message, performance management and up-skilling programme. Their growth in sales has been nothing short of extraordinary, adding to their range, continually scoring exceptionally in customer satisfaction. They have recruited a Group Sales Manager who has helped with the increased sales and managing the impact these have had on a new Customer Service Team. With warehousing and significant technical enhancements they continue to improve their customers’ experience.

Working with our Coach, I have seen both myself and, as importantly, the Team grow significantly over the last 11 months – especially in the areas of accountability, personal responsibility, confidence, performance, inter-departmental alignment and of course our financial performance as a business.” Bob Pitman, Owner and CEO, Priory Business Group plc.

Company: Priory Business Group plc

Website: ;

Industry Sector: Business services group offering Print Management, Office Supplies, Archive Management and a rapidly growing e-commerce division


For the past 65 years St Boniface Vets have been providing high quality animal care in Mid-Devon, specialising in the care and rehabilitation of small animals, farm animals and equine. The business was acquired in 2004 by Tony and Marie Kemmish. They have built a team of 7 qualified vets plus support staff who have continued to build on the company’s reputation for high quality animal care. Working in all fields of veterinary medicine and surgery they provide a compassionate and caring service for all species of animals under their care.

“When I moved to Devon 10 years ago, I was really fortunate to find a vet practice that genuinely cared about animals and their owners. The practice has constantly progressed over the past 65 years, but critically remembers its roots and the values that have always been so important. Our dedicated small animal team work hard to provide the most up to date clinical care including the recent addition of keyhole surgery. Similarly the large animal team provide a personal service understanding both the individual animal and the importance of a whole herd approach. I feel incredibly lucky to work with a team who are absolutely dedicated. Tony Kemmish, Practice Principal.


cowThe challenge for most business owners is to find the capacity to spend more time working ON the business rather than just IN the business. This has been the case with Tony and Marie. They want to grow the business and take it to the next level, but found themselves continually immersed in day to day operational issues.

How could they begin to empower the team, unlock their full potential and grow the business? The owners turned to Growth Accelerator for the solution and from several choices, Tony and Marie chose New Level Results and the Best Year Yet Team Programme, because this offered a structured way of introducing more accountability to the team, tracking and measuring their progress month on month. Support has also been given in terms of personal one to one coaching, team coaching and leadership development.

One of the biggest challenges, particularly with a very busy small enterprise operating long hours (including on call hours), is to be able to find a way to bring the management team together and take them ‘out of the business’, in order to create a plan and review progress every month. In addition, the business had performed perfectly well to date and everyone got on well together so why rock the boat? Added to which Tony was getting this kind of feedback from other Veterinary Practices in his Association. However, Tony and Marie are passionate about wanting to take the business to the next level and realise that their level of involvement and all the things that go unsaid in a ‘caring and compassionate team’, was holding the business back. In addition to developing a stronger performance culture within the business they were now also looking to grow from acquisitions.


MD, Tony Kemmish says: “We have been challenged in a way we have never been before, in order to improve our individual contribution and overall effectiveness as a team. Tough conversations and decisions have had to be made and quite frankly would not have been made without our coach from New Level Results and the challenge, guidance and support we have received along the way, combined with the ability to track every step of our progress using the Best Year Yet system.”

The team at St Boniface are developing leadership & management skills that will empower them and enable them to take the business to the next level. They are on the verge of a breakthrough in terms of developing the foundations for a scalable and sustainable business model where each person fully understands their roles and responsibilities and are held accountable for improving and growing the business. This is a team with a strong vision, culture and passion for success.

“‘I have seen my team come on leaps and bounds over the past 4 months. We are developing the skills of a top performing team and this will enable us to reach our aspirations for the business and for the community we serve. I would strongly recommend having a great Business Coach by your side every step of your journey and having s system like Best Year Yet to hold your people accountable.” Tony Kemmish, Managing Director.

Company: St Boniface Veterinary Practice


Industry Sector: Animal care


Sterlingbuild is an online home improvement shop, specialising in roof windows, skylights, flat roof domes and sun tunnels. The company stocks a wide range of well-known brands, including VELUX, FAKRO, FENSTRO and RoofLITE at low prices, which have sold to be installed in public buildings and homes all over the UK, Europe, United States and Australia. They are now the UK's largest independent online roof window retailer.

“With a successful marketing strategy and reputation for quality, our business has grown rapidly year on year over the past 6 years. However, we always knew we would reach full capacity in our premises and were looking around for some time for a suitable alternative which would allow us to grow even more. The challenge was to produce a business plan and interest our Bank in financing our move. Little did we know what this would entail, but the outcome has been totally worth it.” Nick West, Managing Director.


sterlingThe company were initially introduced to a New Level Results Business Coach by their Bank Manager, in order to help prepare an application for funding. The Coach helped the company produce a comprehensive Business Plan and projections, resulting in an offer for a Commercial Mortgage to acquire a Freehold site 6 times bigger than their current Leasehold premises.

The New Level Results Coach also recommended they submit an application for Regional Growth Funding and they were successful in securing a £300,000 interest free loan.


Director David Mayo says “This is a very exciting time for our business. We are working closely with our coach and the Best Year Yet system to track our performance. This includes the many challenges of project managing the move over to the new site, implementation of new accounting software and the development of a great team of people to cope with change and growth at the same time.”

With all the challenges of the move, while also delivering month on month growth against stretching strategic targets, the company is now engaging New Level Results to assist with a longer term coaching and training ‘Best Year Yet’ team programme. This is being part funded under the UK Growth Accelerator Scheme and Leadership & Management Grant.

Sterlingbuild is now exceeding its growth targets , with turnover now above £7 million. In the last 12 months they have employed an additional 11 members of staff and, with the help of their Coach, have introduced a new Vision and Values culture across the business.

Working with our Coach gives us confidence that we are making the right decisions and taking the time to work on our business as well as the many hours spent working in the business.” Nick West, Managing Director.

Company: Sterlingbuild Limited


Industry Sector: Online Retail Sales


That Nail and Beauty Academy is a highly successful private sector training provider, offering apprenticeships, traineeships and a range of Vocational Qualifications predominantly in the Nail and Beauty Sector. They specialise in work based learning programmes focusing ‘in all things beauty and nails’ across the South East. They have an outstanding reputation for achievement, exceeding National Ofsted benchmarks in terms of teaching standards and student success. They also run 2 successful Salons in Kent.

“Moving up a step in the last 12 months our business has faced countless complex challenges. The demands and expectations of my management team and I have gone beyond anything I could have planned. Thank goodness I took one of the best business decisions of my entire business life – to sign up to Growth Accelerator and engage the services of a New Level Results coach and the Best Year Yet system.” Sarah Abel, Managing Director


nailandbeautyThe business started out as a Nail Salon, which grew by reputation. More technicians were needed, but Sarah could not find sufficiently well trained staff from local Colleges. She therefore embarked on diversifying the business to include training and quickly developed a reputation for quality, winning contracts with The London College of Beauty Therapy.

The company was introduced to a New Level Results Business Coach by their Bank Manager, in order to help prepare an application to access funding for growth. The Coach helped the company produce a comprehensive Business Plan and projections and also recommended they submit an application for Regional Growth Funding. They were successful in securing a £30,000 interest free loan.


Diversifying into training has been extremely challenging, especially when local Colleges turned to the business to outsource some of their training provision, with all the consequent requirements of Ofsted and complexities of managing different funding allocations. As the business has grown the skills of the management team have been fully tested. The company instantly saw the value in the Best Year Yet Team programme to develop structure, alignment and accountability across all parts of the business. This is being part funded under the UK Growth Accelerator Scheme and Leadership & Management Grant.

MD, Sarah Abel says “Our coach has helped us navigate unchartered and choppy waters, holding myself and my management team accountable to the plan we had created and helping us to track our progress along the way. Our accomplishments, learnings and both personal and team development have been phenomenal and we are now well equipped to take advantage of the significant opportunities which may otherwise have been out of our reach.”

That Nail & Beauty Academy now has robust processes and procedures that underpin the decision making and strategic direction of the business. The weight of accountability has seen some people leave, but the management team grows stronger, more skilful and more efficient every month.

“If you are in business, I can’t think of a better way to plan for success than signing up to the best year yet team programme.” Sarah Abel, Managing Director.

Company: That Nail & Beauty Academy Ltd


Industry Sector: Education & training


The Imaging Centre is a family run business now with 3 generations. Based in the heart of the Kent countryside The Imaging Centre has become a major supplier of quality products to the greeting card industry, serving many new and established greeting card publishers. They offer a complete, tailored digital printing, finishing and packing service. They have built up a reputation as one of the top greeting card printing companies in the UK by keeping their printing presses busy with large volumes of small individual orders from individual ‘cottage industry’ card producers which means they can supply competitively priced, beautifully printed greeting cards quickly and in quantities that suit both small and large scale card producers.

“The Imaging Centre started life as an electronic imaging company editing images for magazines, albums, books etc. but advances in technology meant a change of direction. In 2003 we purchased our first Indigo digital press and we ‘moved’ into Greeting Cards. We are now one of the leading digital print distributers in the UK for the Greeting Card Industry with two top of the range Indigo digital presses which can cater for both long and short print runs. We deal with more than 1000 publishers, including people looking for their first samples to be produced and more established greeting card companies with thousands of cards to print and wrap.” Bob Short, Founder & CEO


imaginingThe founders wanted to gradually hand-over the reigns of the business to son and daughter. They were introduced to New Level Results by the Growth Accelerator Manager to help them to develop a 3 – 5 year strategic plan which included restructuring the business and allocating roles and responsibilities, to allow the management handover to take place.

They were looking for a mix of business coaching and structured training for the senior leadership team, to identify skills gaps and individual strengths. The founders and successors would be able to map and track progress, giving the owners confidence to let go and the next line of succession the skills and confidence to take the business forward. They chose the Best Year Yet Team Development Programme, because of the consistent monthly facilitation and regular review of their goals and objectives.


Founder Bob Short says: “We set ourselves some challenging goals to restructure the way we do things, implement continuous improvement and deliver year on year growth. This required a clear strategy in terms of further investment in technology, improvements to premises, delivery of business KPI’s, maximising our resourses and upskilling everyone in the business. This is a tall order. However, I am delighted with the progress we are making.”

The consistency of working with New Level Results and the progress seen in terms of business improvement and personal development has resulted in delivery of many objectives ahead of schedule. The challenge is often for founders to let go of ‘their baby’ and allow the next generation to begin to influence the future path of the business. Handovers of this nature have a unique set of characteristics and success is reliant of the skilful facilitation of the coach and the introduction of relevant impactful training to provide the management team with the skills needed to manage the change. As this transition takes place, the company is very well placed to build on its solid foundation and plan for an exciting long term future.

Working with our Business Coach has given me real confidence when making decisions regarding the direction of the business. I understand the power of forming a set of guiding principles to help challenge and improve business process and peoples contribution. Holding everyone in the team accountable every month has been an essential ingredient of our success to date. There is still much to do as we trial areas of restructure, allocate new responsibilities and gradually lessen the need for intervention from the founders.” Adam Short, future Managing Director.

Company: The Imaging Centre Ltd


Industry Sector: Printing


VR Sani-Co Ltd is a family run business with over 20 years experience in the supply and servicing of equipment for washrooms. Based in Herne Bay, Kent, the company commenced trading in 1991 supplying the hygiene bag dispenser to the hospitality industry. The washroom service division commenced trading in 1995 following strong local demand from companies dissatisfied with poor sanitary bin service and long term contracts. The business has grown steadily year on year, providing washroom services and sanitary bin disposal services throughout Kent, London, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Essex. With over 2,000 customers the company focuses on providing a high quality sanitary bin disposal service at competitive prices.


“Having built the business up over 20 years we were delighted to be joined by our son and daughter and other family members, who have been instrumental in helping us to continue to grow. As we near retirement we inevitably wanted to start taking a back seat, but it wasn’t clear whether our children would want, or had the skills, to take over the reigns. It’s a huge challenge to decide whether to pass on or sell something you have spent 20 years building.” Martin Crowther, Managing Director.


vrsanipicThe company approached Growth Accelerator to help them identify the right solution to moving forward. They were looking for a mix of business coaching and structured training for the whole senior leadership team, so that the future path of the business and succession would become clear. They chose the Best Year Yet Team Development Programme with New Level Results.

It was essential to engage the whole team in creating a strategic plan for the business and divide up areas of accountability. The team quickly learned they each had a key role to play, but in order to release the founders, they would need to develop a clear structure and one of them would need to make a decision to ultimately take over control.


Founder Martin Crowther says: “As we progressed through the Best Year Yet process of monthly meetings, reviewing and challenging areas of our plan and learning new leadership skills every month, I was delighted with the personal growth and hunger for success that started to develop.”

The consistency and regularity of working with New Level Results and the ground covered in terms of business improvement and personal development saw a breakthrough in month 6 when Matthew Crowther put himself forward to succeed as the future Managing Director of the Company This carried the unanimous support of the senior leadership team. As the transition takes place, the company is well placed to build on its solid foundation and plan for an exciting long term future.

Working with our Coach has given me new skills and processes that in turn give me confidence when making decisions regarding the direction of the business. I understand the power of forming some guiding principles, including a vision and set of values that will underpin our ongoing success and enable us to harness the full potential of all our people and the market.” Matthew Crowther, future Managing Director.

Company: V R Sani Co Ltd


Industry Sector: Provision of washroom services

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