Rachel Stone

New Level Results Coach

My aim for my coaching relationship with a business owner or senior leader is to help them be best that they can be. Their best can sometimes be veiled with self-doubt or a loss of focus.

My favourite saying about coaching is by Johann Gottfried von Herder

“Without inspiration, the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel within us which needs to be ignited. Fortunate is the one who has the person around them to ignite their fuel. “

I work with people by helping them find what is hidden in a supportive, structured and (mostly) fun way. (Sometimes it’s hard, but then nothing good comes easy!) Clients learn to raise their awareness, take responsibility and move forwards.

When is a good time to get involved?

  • You find you run out of time and everything is pressured
  • Performance management issues are festering
  • You find it hard to manage the changes needed
  • You feel isolated, with no one managing your performance
  • You feel bogged down with day – to – day stuff
  • You have no spark left

The most common leadership issue which I have encountered in my varied experience in organisations across a range of sectors is that good people get promoted. They then feel lost because they find themselves having to manage the performance of others. It’s true. If someone does well in their job they are moved up – and out of their skills set. This can lead to a loss of confidence and sometimes lots of mistakes around leading people. The performance of many is adversely affected as a result.

My work with teams and senior leaders helps to put this right. A leader has to ‘speak with authority, speak with conviction, speak with enthusiasm’.  (Dr Tom Barrett, Real Leadership in Real-Time which is a great book!) All of this takes support and coaching.

All coaches are leaders, but not all leaders are coaches. My work focuses on ‘transformational leadership’ in which leaders are enablers. It builds a learning culture which thrives on providing effective feedback. This has dramatic, transformational results.

When is the right time to get me involved with your team?

  • When the results are not happening
  • When the atmosphere is one of fear and blame
  • When the organisation needs to make changes to improve productivity
  • When there is a lack of focus
  • When there is no joy in what you do as a leader of your team.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Managing for Performance
  • Team Dynamics
  • Effective communication
  • Managing cultural change
  • Developing New Managers
  • Assertiveness at work
  • Time Management
  • Introducing Coaching for Leaders

I work with self worth at the heart of everything.

I help people take practical steps to make the most of their own strengths

I support leaders/business owners to overcome any barriers to improving personal effectiveness and to grow their businesses.

I use questions, diagrams and tools to enable people move forward and achieve their goals.

Enthusiasm and humour play a big part in my work. It’s a positive working relationship and an uplifting experiencing which creates results. It’s about what you can do

“Once I was afraid I was petrified’…..This is how I felt about my business and my life. I was doing so much, but actually doing very little that mattered. Rachel helped me focus on the important stuff i.e. time management, getting things done and more importantly, what I wanted for my life and family. She has supported me all the way and in the process increased my confidence and self worth. Her knowledge is incredible, one of her favourite sayings is “ok let’s look at why that happens” she then shows you the thinking and actions behind a decision to help you understand the problem and how to change things for the better. Working with Rachel has been a life changing experience and I would highly recommend her to grow you and your business. She continues to be an important part of my personal and business life.”

Alison Thompson – The Dental Barn