What Will Make the next 12 months Your Best Year Yet? Is This You?

  • I want to get the results in my life and career I’ve always wanted.
  • I want to make my long cherished dreams and aspirations a reality.
  • This year I want to make my New Year’s Resolutions go beyond January and truly generate positive change in my life.
  • This year I want RESULTS and positive outcomes – not just the occasional resolution I fail to stick to.
  • It’s finally about time I did something just for me!

Here is the answer you may be looking for:

How about investing in a tried and tested year-long programme with a step by step method for getting your year off to a great start - and keeping it on track throughout the next 12 months!

How about creating a plan that is online and having it reviewed for FREE by one of our top-class coaches?

What do I do next?

Start by making your plan for the next 12 months, having it reviewed by an expert coach, and then track your progress throughout the year, with a whole multimedia library of resources and support materials at your fingertips – all for less than 55p per day!

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    Get Started

    Click on the ‘Create Your Individual Plan Today!’ button

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    You will now go through to the payment and registration page via paypal. Having a full-proof plan could be worth £ thousands but this amazing year-long personal development and planning system only costs £199.95

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    Follow the sign up screens

    to access the 10 Best Year Yet questions that form the basis of your plan.

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    Set aside some time

    to sit down and carefully answer the questions and begin to create an inspirational plan for 2014.

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    Once you have completed the questions

    you ‘submit’ your plan and one of our coaches will review it for you and offer feedback and support for free!

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    You’re done

    and ready to make 2014 your best year yet.

Over 1 million people worldwide have already had their Best Year Yet® year after year – give yourself (or someone dear to you) the gift of your (or their) very own Best Year Yet plan in 2014.

Like many others, you may also choose to be supported by a top class professional coach who will inspire and empower you to accomplish new levels of personal and professional success beyond your dreams.

Read below how Best Year Yet® permanently changed the lives of these people...

The Best Year Yet process has enabled me to write 2 books, both due for publication next year become a sought after international speaker, as well as generating some great outcomes in all areas of my life. Go through the process with a coach, and you won’t regret it.

Wes Linden
Entrepreneur, International speaker, author and business owner.

“My coach has a vast wealth of experience and knowledge. Best Year Yet is unquestionably the best programme I have ever seen. It’s clear, easy to follow and gets you thinking in the correct way. Along with great coaching and guidance I’ve been able to implement many new strategies into every day business. I highly recommend my coach and definitely suggest you use the Best Year Yet Individual programme!”

Tricia Lichfield
Director at Swat.tv, & SkattaDigital, BBC Lighthouse Building, London.

Best Year Yet keeps me on track with my plans for the business and my life. My Best Year Yet Coach provides me with a unique sounding board. I highly recommend the whole process and programme to everyone.

Rob Wilson
Managing Director, Websites in Business

As a small business owner, specialising in professional development solutions and coaching, Best Year Yet has revolutionised my business.

Desi Christou, Owner - Desi Christou & Associates


My Best Year Yet Coach has helped me to cut through the 'noise' that often gets in the way of achieving results that matter most in my business and life.

Director, Financial Services

Thanks to Best Year Yet. I’m generating business and financial breakthroughs and feel reinvigorated with my property business. I highly recommend it.

K.J, Business owner, entrepreneur.

I’ve created a new business, which has a stream of new and devoted clients. My Best Year Yet Coach made me focus on the important things and forget the trivia with which we are all distracted on a daily basis. I have so much to thank him and the whole Best Year Yet programme for.

Dr. Sonya Leggitt, Neurophysiologist and Business Owner

I’ve learned so much through using the Best Year Yet system – like appreciating what’s really important in my life, and treasuring them every day.

Gary Killen, Business Owner and ’proud father!’

My Best Year Yet coach has been a great adviser to me this year. The Best Year Yet programme has made sure I’m accountable for the goals I set and has created direction with strong focus and guidelines that I came up with at the beginning of the year.  My coach is easy to contact and has supported, coached & developed me and because of the positive results I’ve achieved, I’m hiring him and using the excellent Best Year Yet programme again in 2014!!

Sarah Able, Managing Director - That Nail Place Academy

The Best Year Yet planning and tracking tool is absolutely excellent. I use it daily as my inner compass, not just in my work, but also in my family life. It’s a great programme, and outstanding value for money!

Martin Millen, Independent Financial Advisor

Best Year Yet is the foundation stone on which I have built and continue to expand my business, year after year. I commend it wholeheartedly to any business that wishes to grow profitably and sustainably.

Tim Watts, CEO - TWA People Development

My individual sessions with my Best Year Yet Coach were stretching, albeit always in a positive way.

From a work perspective, the work with my Best Year Yet Coach was absolutely invaluable. My principal, personal, challenge relating to my work role was with regard to my credibility as a leader. I was relatively recently given a management appointment. However, I have built an enduring legacy as a credible leader since my sessions with my Best Year Yet Coach began, as evidenced by the feedback that he has sought on my behalf.

I would not hesitate to recommend Best Year Yet and its coaching for any business, team or individual looking to enhance and stretch the results they believe they are capable of.

Director, Investment Services

I have worked with Andrew as 1-1 coach and cannot recommend him highly enough.  He always enables you to develop clear thinking to any situation and has enabled me to develop successful strategies for my own personal development and also my professional skills.

Lisa Farmer, Director, Young Epiliepsy