Large Corporates

Working with teams in your organisation to have the biggest and most positive impact they’ve ever had on your company – ever!

Generating results like:

  • Increased Profitability
  • Improved Individual and Team Performance
  • Great Leadership
  • Excellent Teamwork
  • More profitable sales
  • Eliminating ‘silo’ thinking
  • Greatly improved organisational culture
  • Alignment
  • Winning new business

"If you could get all the people in an organisation rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time."

At New Level Results we specialise in helping leaders get the best from their teams and achieve the results they need.

“The only true measure of a team is that it achieves the results it sets out to achieve.”

Andrew Duncan, Managing Director, New Level Results

Time and time again we see teams fall short of their intended outcomes. A paper published in The Harvard Business Review illustrated that, on average, an organisation lost 37% of its potential performance.


Why this is?

One clear cause is the dysfunctionalities that exist in most teams. These most commonly are:

  • lack of trust
  • lack of alignment and a
  • lack of accountability.

Any one of these dysfunctions being present in a team will have a negative effect on results.

These dysfunctions often manifest themselves when you see team members more interested in their own business function than being a team member. This can sometimes be described as ‘silo’ mentality, however, it’s not just about working in silos. It is very much to do with the behaviours and the culture that create the silos.

Our team programmes get right to the heart of the issues and build teams that work effectively together. When you think about it the one real asset that a company has to ensure its success, is the effectiveness of its teams; yet so few organisations address this key business leading edge initiative. Simply put; imagine competing against a team that is working together as one, trusts each other, is totally aligned and holds each other accountable; you will lose every time!

This is not about team-building, your team is already built! This is about what we call at New Level Results ‘TEAMING’. It is about building unstoppable teams; teams that reach for stretching goals together and achieve them time after time.

When our work is complete, we often see the team become cultural pioneers within the organisation and are held up as an example of what ‘great’ looks like.

Have we convinced you yet that we are at least worth speaking to?

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With New Level Results You Can Expect To:

  • Create a new performance culture in your team.
  • Increase sales and profitability.
  • Create excellent business relationships.
  • Build a team that trusts each other
  • Create total alignment and accountability in your team.
  • Get the results you need and so much more...

Our programmes are about working with a proven process that has amazed teams in many blue chip organisations. All our team programmes provide a powerful combination of working with an experienced results focused coach and Programme Leader for up to 12 months, and a trusted and proven process that generates the results time after time. We stay with you all the way to ensure the team has its Best Year Yet. Your team will master:

  • The principles of transformation.
  • How to become high performing leaders across your organisation.
  • Producing results for your business year after year.

We use the most sophisticated yet easy to use interactive management tracking software available, so the team’s performance is transparent and visible to all team members.

We work with

  • Board members
  • Leadership teams
  • Strategically important teams
  • Project teams
  • Brand teams
  • Change teams
  • Sales teams
  • Finance teams
  • Legal teams
  • Talent teams

New Level Results’ Commitment

For every team programme purchased or every corporate contract taken out with New Level Results, we will purchase a prosthetic limb for a child.

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