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Why Stress Caused by Incompatible Teams Is a Big Problem - And How To Solve It

Have you ever felt stressed when working in a team? Maybe the different personalities of the members clashed. If so, you know firsthand how such stress can affect your wellbeing and your performance. Read on to find out how to resolve such stress and why doing so is so important. It's easy to get stressed when dealing with incompatible team members, especially if you have to work with them day after day. This is true whether the Read More
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Powerful Tool for Creating and Managing Highly Effective Teams

New Level Results Introduces Powerful Tool for Creating and Managing Highly Effective Teams New Level Results announces the launch of its powerful and proven tool that helps companies build highly effective teams. The New Level Results Team Compatibility Programme has revolutionized how teams are created and how new members are added to existing teams. It allows HR managers and other executives to quickly choose the best new members to Read More

Are Your Teams Built To Last?

What makes teams compatible, align to a common vision and deliver at a whole new level? Teamwork is both an art and a science. While leaders have sought to master the art, very little has been understood about the science of building highly functioning teams. From the boardroom to project management to sales, teams are at the core of what makes businesses successful. Unfortunately, most teams don't live up to their potential, and that Read More

A business is a reflection of

A business is a reflection of the skills, attitude and behaviour of the people in the business… can’t build a business – you build people. People build the business. Numerous 2016 Employee Engagement Surveys affirm the need for organisations to adopt clever thinking when it comes to attracting and retaining the very best executive and talent,  especially, with one eye on the new ‘millennials’  Read More

Practice Simplicity with Constant Repetition

During my journey on becoming a successful coach, I was constantly bombarded by these ‘get rich quick’ schemes and promises to ‘warp drive’ my coaching practice, taking it from zero to hero by following quick, easy and powerful techniques that will transform my earnings and my earning potential virtually overnight. These offers, often made me wonder why it seemed to be taking me so long and so much blood, sweat and Read More

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