Our case studies reveal the power of our coaching and the results we deliver

New Level Results is a UK based business, executive and sales coaching organisation which supports business leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate and private individuals to access coaching and mentoring solutions and generate the results needed to have the business, the life and the performance they have been looking for.

The difference between us and any other Coach in the marketplace is that you can map and track your results using state of the art online programmes, every step of the way. You can clearly see your progress, where you have come from and where you are headed. Both of us are therefore clearly accountable, giving you incredible results and success.

From a large corporation, to an SME, or an entrepreneur, any business leader, or a private individual, to an inspiring expedition; if breakthrough performance is needed; then our results based coaching will be the key to transform your results and achieve success. Take a look at what our clients say.

Business coaching, executive coaching and entrepreneurial coaching enables people and teams to grow and achieve goals - some have even considered impossible before. New Level Results coaching is an interactive process that builds business leaders and employees effectiveness, in both work and life-skills; allowing them to identify and overcome barriers that can hinder performance and ultimately prevent them from moving forward and attaining their goals.

What is coaching?  A Business Coach, Executive Coach, team coach or a Mentor can serve a multitude of roles. At New Level Results we have our own definitions:

On an individual basis; we are your partner in achieving your business and personal goals; your mentor in communication, time management and personal effectiveness; a pivotal factor to achieving the right balance in your life; a sounding board when making difficult decisions; a motivator when strong actions are called for and your unconditional support when things get tough. We are your biggest fan, cheering you on every step of the way; a beacon of light during the dark times; your wake-up call when you most need one. This is high level professional coaching, helping you, supporting you and guiding you to ensure you live the life you want and reach your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

When we work with teams, we are described as the ‘glue’ that holds everything together, coaching and mentoring towards a common vision, values and goals. We create a sense of alignment and direction; becoming your conscience in holding everyone to account. We are your navigator through stormy seas; your mediator when opinions differ; your strength when going the extra mile; your role model when strong leadership is called for. When you are looking for a specific return on investment, you can have complete confidence, because we map, track and measure every step of our journey together, whether it be to go to a new level of performance; breaking into new markets; creating a lasting legacy; exceeding personal bests; delivering huge goals; EVEN climbing Mount Everest or rowing across the Pacific Ocean. In any undertaking, with any team, in any industry, we provide world class coaching solutions.

Partnering with a performance coach from New Level Results, who believes in you and holds you accountable, stretches your capability and helps you develop new levels of confidence and success, is possibly the best investment you may ever make.

There are many benefits to be had from working with a New Level Results Coach:

  • A proven system to help you plan, map, track and measure your success.
  • Tried and tested methodologies with supported testimonials.
  • A coaching team with a track record of outstanding success with many clients, all from different backgrounds and industries.
  • Working on your business, rather than just in your business, and taking the opportunity to work on yourself in all the important areas of your life.
  • Supporting growth strategy, vision, values, and your leadership development.

This is a professional coaching solution designed to take your results to a whole new level.

Contact us at info@newlevelresults.co.uk or click on our find a coach section to see the range of talented coaches on our team with specialisms such as:

  • Small and Medium Enterprise, business coaching
  • Executive & corporate coaching
  • Sales coaching
  • Entrepreneurial coaching
  • Personal Development coaching
  • Team Expedition coaching

New Level Results’ Commitment

We are proud to support

Rowing across the Pacific: New Level Results are proud supporters of the Coxless Crew team consisting of four women who broke 2 World Records rowing across the Pacific Ocean in 2016. Our lead coach, Andrew Duncan has been working with the team through the planning phase, the launch and the row. Now they are back in the UK with a powerful story to tell, we are helping them with speaking engagements to help companies learn the lessons of how a team can accomplish anything, with a New Level Results coaching philosophy and our coaching system to map and track their journey every step of the way

Having broken 2 world records they also support two major charities; Walking Wounded and Breast Cancer Research, as well as inspire women globally who face adversity.